There are very few desserts that can’t be improved upon with the addition of homemade whipped cream – and indulgence levels reach new heights once you had a splash of your favourite alcoholic liqueur into the mix. We favour Baileys whipped cream (also known as Irish whipped cream) to spice up our coffees, cakes and other sweet courses – and this handy guide will give you the knowledge necessary to join in at home.

Baileys whipped cream recipe

Thankfully, whipping up a bowlful of Baileys whipped cream couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is follow these three fool-proof steps and you’ll be enjoying your very own Irish cream in next to no time:

  1. First, ensure that the bowl, whisk and cream you plan to use have been properly chilled in the refrigerator. Even the very act of whisking generates heat, which will result in a shoddier end product, so keep everything as cold as possible prior to beginning.
  2. Pour the cream into a large mixing bowl and whisk using a manual hand whisk or an electric one to save time (and elbow grease!). Stop once the mixture begins to thicken and form soft peaks, which can be detected by using the whisk to lift it up. If it holds its shape for a moment or two, it’s ready for the next step.
  3. Now, add one tablespoon of sweetener (we recommend granulated sugar, but powdered sugar or artificial alternatives also work fine) and one tablespoon of Baileys for every cup of cream you’re using. Mix the ingredients together well and voila! Your Irish cream is ready to use.

This delectable accompaniment is equally delicious when used to top off a coffee (scalding hot or iced and refreshing – or even Irish for an extra alcoholic kick), garnish a dessert (a chocolate gateau or pumpkin pie will complements the coffee flavours particularly well), pipe onto a tray of cupcakes or muffins or even add some oomph to a breakfast plate of waffles or pancakes. The choice is yours!

Recipe summary

Vital info

  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Servings – 4
  • Prep time – 30 mins
  • Cooking time – 0 mins


  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tablespoon Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Nutritional information

Amount per serving:

  • Calories – 148
  • Total fat – 12g
  • Saturated fat – 8g
  • Unsaturated fat – 4g
  • Cholesterol – 32mg
  • Sodium – 8mg
  • Carbohydrates – 8g
  • Sugars – 8g
  • Protein – 2g


  • All nutritional information is an estimate based upon the ingredients and quantities listed.
  • Bear in mind that the alcohol in the liqueur makes it tricky for the cream to thicken, so be wary of adding too much Baileys to your mixture. If you’d prefer stiffer peaks for your whipped cream, reduce the amount of Baileys you add.