Although half and half cream is a staple in many households, many home bakers aren’t too sure of what it is. Depending on where you are in the world, half and half may also be called half cream or single cream. 

Half and half is a cream that is made up of a blend of heavy cream and milk, a 50-50 split to be exact. Half and half has a higher milk fat percentage than milk but less than heavy cream. Half and half typically contains around 10-12% fat, whereas heavy and whipping cream contains 30-36%. In a nutshell, it’s half cream, half milk, meaning it’s less decadent than heavy cream, while thicker than milk. 

How to make half & half 

While you can pick up half & half from the dairy section in almost any supermarket, it’s equally as simple to make your own. In fact, it might just be one of the most straightforward recipes you’ve tried your hand and. 

You guessed it, all you need to is:

½ a cup of heavy cream
 ½ a cup of milk.

Mix the two together thoroughly, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy. 

Recipes that use half & half

Half and half cream is excellent as a splash in your morning coffee, but it also works exceptionally well in both sweet and savoury recipes. However, if you want whipped cream for sweet recipes, half and half won’t quite cut it. 

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An indulgent fudge sauce to satisfy your sweet tooth 

Using half and half cream offers the perfect blend of decadence with a silky-smooth finish, ideal for a fudge sauce for topping your favourite sweet treats.

Reduced fat ice cream 

If you’re looking for a lower fat twist on your favourite homemade ice cream flavours, you can find recipes that use half and half cream opposed to heavy so you can skim off some of the fat content.

Quick and creamy scrambled eggs 

If you’re looking for a way to make your scrambled eggs a litter fluffier and creamier, half and half is the perfect solution.

A creamy soup or sauce 

Top your favourite pasta dish with a light and tasty cream-based sauce or cook up a delicious homemade soup with half and half as the staple ingredient.

To conclude, half and half cream is versatile, simple to source, make and use and works well for a whole host of recipes.